Recent and Selected Credits
[Forthcoming] The Starsick produced as a podcast on The Wicked Library late 2021
“I still didn`t understand. I asked my grandmother what sort of star it was, a constellation or a shooting star or something else. “No. No, shooting star,” she said, thinking for a minute. “Like a star, but different. Like a black star. And they watch it for a long time. Only in certain places: it happens. It’s a bad thing. These children—” she shook her head.”
Lemma in Word For/ Word July 2021
One poem in 'Word For/ Word'
Coming, Going in New World Writing, June 2021
"Were he to have the heart surgery nothing would change. The mornings could come and the evenings would come. The children would cry, still."
Morello, Van, Marasca in 3:AM Magazine, June 2021
“One thing I’ve learned,” she’d said one morning, unbidden, “Is that if you talk enough about something you don’t have, it will eventually find you.” I had to wonder if that was why she never talked of stuff.
The Sculptor in Vastarien: A Literary Journal vol.4 issue 1, Spring 2021
A Journalist gets an invitation to interview a reclusive sculptor and learns firsthand the meaning of the artist`s perplexing work.
The Catch in Young Mag , January 2021
"There’s a place nearby that sells these little bottles. Script unintelligible. It’s all caffeine with a dash of cholesterol and casein. You drink it down in a gulp and the whole world gets wan and jiggly. Things seem slick, but manageable. Whole barriers of the mind are broken down and you feel like you can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I wash three of these a day down my gullet, civet scented, I think."
Gallaher Calls in Dim Shores Presents #1' , June 2020
Two reclusive siblings live in the shadow of the shadow of their family`s wealth, creating art that no one sees. When the family lawyer Gallaher calls to deliver some sorry news the lavish the hermetic and aesthetic environment they have carefully curated goes awry. What is real, what is imagined; what is dreamt and what is created all fall together.
Some Other and Separate Iteration: An Interview with Mark Gluth and Steven Purtill on Dennis Cooper's Blog
An interview with Author Mark Gluth about his novel `Come Down to Us` as well as an interview with artist Steven Purtill who collaborated with Mark on projects related to the novel.
Drug Lung and Some Eastern Demon in decomP , Sep 2019
I saw some eastern demon crawling. Called out, Catch as catch can! and started to run. He was lumpen, tired, smoking a cigarette. Sweatpants and derisive comments. I made it thirty feet before turning. These things don’t pay as well as they used to, he said.
Lying Down Machines in Gone Lawn 16 , Fall 2014
The father and the son built the machines from boards they gathered on the Taiga. It took two months to build the first Lying Down Machine. They made black pine pitch in a fire hut and gathered Widow`s Teeth from within the granite crevices.
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